He was born March 22, 1958 in Manhattan New York, USA. Naturalized Guatemalan. Associate in Photographic Arts of the Art Institute of Atlanta. Ambassador of Tourism of Guatemala, INGUAT.´ Ricky López Bruni started his photographic career since 1986, he worked as a commercial photographer in Guatemala attending important national and international accounts. He has dedicated his free time to work in the mountains of Guatemala photographing and documenting the life of the national bird El Quetzal for 15 years. In December 2001, he started working on a series of works on Polaroid, from SX70 manipulation, to emulation and transfers. Winner of the 5th International Polaroid Awards. In 2003 he started his publishing company. Books with national themes and ethnic interest, landscape and tourism. In 2012, he made his first film creating and directing the nationalistic 100% GUATE campaigns for Cerveza Gallo and INGUAT. AWARDS – RECOGNITIONS- OFFICIALS 2012 December – BOOK SIGNING 13 BAKTUN BOOK AND PRESENTATION SPEAKER – MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE, Washington D.C. OLYMPIC GAMES LONDON 2012 – Photographer accredited by the Guatemalan Olympic Foundation PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION 13 BAKTUN -Design Center, Guatemala City FILM DIRECTOR CAMPAIGN 100% GUATE-GALLO-INGUAT 2011 Exhibition Musee Quai Branly Paris – The new dawn of the Maya 250,000 people visited the exhibition, the second most visited in the history of the Museum, which is the second most visited museum in Paris. EXHIBITION 13 BAKTUN – Portal Palace of the General Captaincy, La Antigua Guatemala.