Has a Ph.D. in Economics and is the Dean of the School of Economic Sciences at Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala City, where she is also a professor of business and entrepreneurship. She is the founder of the Kirzner Entrepreneurship Center at UFM, director of GEM research for Guatemala, cofounder of the university’s ITA Scholarship program, founder of the innovative undergraduate program in Entrepreneurship, and recipient of the Robert Nozick Award for leadership and academic excellence. Mónica was president of Antigua Forum 2015.

In addition, Mónica has more than two decades of experience as senior consultant and facilitator with Franklin Covey. She coauthored a series of books called Aprende y Emprende and Empreaventuras, which have the purpose to teach economic principles and entrepreneurship to young generations. She also has been a technical reviewer for McGraw-Hill, Thompson, Prentice Hall, and other publishers. Earlier in her career, she worked in the banking industry.