Juan Carlos Paiz is President of FUNDESA, Director at PRONACOM, the National Competitiveness Program and Vice president of Private Competitiveness Council in Guatemala. He is also the President and founder of Pani Fresh, a business with around 700 employees, currently in the Bakery, Pet Food, Education and Technology Business with presence in US, Spain, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Previously, he was Presidential Commissioner for Competitiveness of Guatemala, responsible for economic design, improving 26 countries in the ranking of Doing Business and establishing a National Agenda for Competitiveness for every Government Institution. He is also the former president of Agexport (Guatemalan Export Association), CACIF (Guatemalan Business Council) and FECAEXCA (Export association of Central America).

Mr. Paiz holds a degree in industrial engineering from Texas A&M university, as well as a Master in Business Administration from INCAE and a Master in Productiveness from UFM.