Carlos Castillo is an Expert in Organizational Leadership, keynote speaker, trainer, coach, mentor and consultant who works with CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Managers in Transforming Their Leadership to achieve Exceptional Results in their organizations.

Faithful believer in the positive impact that gender diversity offers in organizations, he has become a promoter of women’s empowerment and leadership.

He has been CEO in several companies (Lafarge Cementos – Mexico, Cementos Progreso – Guatemala and others) where he has achieved Exceptional Results through High Impact leadership.

Since 2013 he has dedicated himself to transforming leaders from his company, Carlos Castillo Leadership. He is a mechanical engineer from the Universidad Metropolitana (Caracas, Venezuela). He has conducted management and leadership studies at the IESA (Caracas, Venezuela), Harvard University (Cambridge, USA), INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France), Georgetown (Georgetown, USA) and Kellogg School of Management (Evanston, USA). He is a Coach, trainer and speaker certified by John C. Maxwell and member of The John Maxwell Team.

Recognized in the 2018 by John C. Maxwell as “Ambassador of Transformation”, for his contribution to transforming the leadership of more than 3,500 people.

Throughout his career he has given more than 150 conferences, courses, workshops and speeches on different aspect of organizational leadership to more than 8,000 people in Montreal, Washington D.C., Miami, CDMX, Queretaro, Guatemala, San Salvador, San Jose (Costa Rica), Rio de Janeiro, Santiago (Chile), London, Paris, Marrakech, Lagos, Mumbai, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur y Manila.