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Sept 3rd to Sept 8th

Antigua Guatemala

Meditando en la naturaleza


5 Day Book Writing Retreat

Ignite your potential as a writer at the Books Writing Retreat, where creativity meets expertise. Elevate your writing, connect with industry leaders, and transform your ideas into compelling stories.


Have you ever dreamed about 

Writing a Book? 

Books have the power to change lives, not just for those who read them but also for those who write them. Becoming an author can establish your name in your field, increase your income, and leave a mark on your readers. It can position you as the recognized expert in your field, amplifying your credibility and growing your reputation. 


Additionally, being an author can lead to exponential growth for your business by leveraging your status to attract more clients and opportunities. Beyond financial gains, a book can transcend its pages to make a meaningful impact on the world, sparking change and contributing to a better world.

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If Writing a Book Were Easy,Yours Would Have Been Written by Now

Writing a book is challenging, whether you're an experienced writer or new to the craft. It's stressful and time-consuming. However, if writing a book is your  lifelong dream, then this retreat is designed for you. You can create a remarkable book, even though the journey may not be easy, it won't feel impossible. 

If you're serious about finally writing that book and believe it can transform your life, consider attending the Volcano Book Writing Retreat. This 5-day event in Antigua, Guatemala, addresses common obstacles faced by aspiring authors.

Escape distractions and excuses by immersing yourself in the serene beauty of Antigua. Enjoy uninterrupted focus and tap into your creativity. The picturesque setting and supportive community of fellow writers will inspire and motivate you.

Led by Michael Drew, a renowned book promotion expert, the retreat offers a proven process to overcome writer's block and unleash your creativity. You'll receive guidance and support to craft a book that resonates with your purpose.

Who Should attend?

This unique retreat is designed for


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Business mavericks

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Subject matter experts

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Anyone with a desire
to write a book

Embark on a journey to transform not only your life but also your business, income, and the world at large by sharing your story and voice. Secure your spot today to start this profound transformation.

Remember, no prior writing expertise is necessary. Over the past two decades, Michael R. Drew has developed foolproof, proven processes to help you envision, outline, and write a book that aligns with your aspirations.

Throughout the retreat, you'll engage in group sessions and activities meticulously designed to support your book writing and promotion endeavors. By the end, you'll walk away with a robust plan and outline, ready to turn your book dreams into reality. 

Reserve your seat today and embark on this transformative path.

Who Should attend?

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The Power of Partnership

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience at the Volcano Book Writing Retreat, a partnership between and Volcano Innovation Summit.

Join Latin America's most influential leaders for three days in Antigua at our 5th edition of Volcano Innovation Summit, exploring the positive regional impact of Entrepreneurship, Investment, Technology, Innovation, Sustainability, and Wellness. This unique experience sets the stage for the next five days of focused book writing.

Be part of an exclusive event covered by SUCCESS Magazine Editor-in-Chief Kerry Brown. Reserve your place today for a retreat that promises to ignite your creativity and leave a lasting impact.

What you Get

Join the US$10,000 Volcano Book Writing Retreat

 for only


Thanks to our partnership with

Volcano Summit.

Limited to 20 spots!

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Step-by-step guidance in book outlining and planning during the 5-day Retreat with Michael R. Drew and team


Hotel for 9 nights

(Aug 30th - Sept 8th)

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Volcano Book Writing Retreat (Sept 3rd - Sept 7th)


Breakfast and lunch included


Airport transfers




Local transfers from hotel to Retreat Venue


Please note: Additional costs are the responsibility of each attendee.

As a bonus, attendance grants an all access ticket

(a $1,150 value) to the SOLD OUT

Volcano Summit, from Aug 31st - Sept 2nd.



Michael R. Drew is brilliant in book promotion and publishing, with a career of 20+ years and 130 bestsellers. He's the go-to expert for authors aiming to elevate their books, businesses, and lives.

His deep understanding of the industry and commitment to turning authors into celebrated figures make him the ideal guide for your book-writing journey. Michael stresses that writing a book isn't enough; it must also be relevant and impactful.
Whether you aim to boost sales, secure speaking gigs, or enhance client engagements, Michael's process ensures your book is effective in achieving your goals.

The 4 Pillars of 

Effective Communication

Unlock the secrets of effective communication with the 4 Pillars, a framework gleaned from Michael's collaboration with legendary publisher Ray Bard. Which includes:


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Big Idea

Capture attention by introducing novel, impactful concepts.


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Illustrate the Big Idea through compelling narratives.


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Nuts &


Provide practical steps for implementing the idea.


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Inspire readers, showing them the potential for change in their lives.

Michael will guide you in outlining your book with these pillars, using a proprietary exercise to unleash your creativity and overcome writer's block in under 30 minutes.

Apply now and unleash your potential as an author!

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Case Study

Garrett’s book, "Killing Sacred Cows", faced initial challenges but was transformed by Michael Drew's strategic approach. By incorporating the 4 Pillars of Effective Communication, the book became a bestseller, demonstrating the power of impactful storytelling. 

This success underscores the importance of strategic messaging in publishing. Join the Volcano Book Writing Retreat to access Michael Drew's expertise and enhance your writing journey.

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More About

Volcano Innovation Summit

Is a global initiative driving Latin America's integration into the global network of innovation, science, and culture. Located in Antigua Guatemala, it connects businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors for impact elevation, conversations, and inspiration. 

The event brings together world leaders from all fields, aiming to create groundbreaking tech innovation in the region.

Are You Up to the Challenge? 

Limited Seating Available

This retreat isn’t for every aspiring author. Michael is looking for 20 determined and driven people who are finally ready to do what it takes to make their voices heard in the form of a book.

If this is you, we look forward to seeing you in Antigua, Guatemala, from

August 30th to September 8th, 2024.

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