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Volcano Innovation Summit is a global initiative, which acts as a platform to exchange visions and experiences. Driven by the mission to incorporate Latin America to the global network of innovation, science and culture by connecting business, entrepreneurs, creative leaders and investors for crossover conversations and inspiration. Taking advantage of Guatemala's location as a bridge between North, Central and South America, we continue pushing the boundaries for the region from Antigua Guatemala.

The event will bring together world leaders from all fields; digital, corporate, financial, telecom, cyber, energy, mobile, sustainability and more. Volcano Innovation Summit includes co-located events and sessions, in addition to cultural and social happenings. Become part of the conversation and help create the most audacious tech innovation summit in the Latin American region. The 2024 edition will take place on August 31st, September 1st, and 2nd in Antigua Guatemala.


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Volcano Summit

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Founder & Co-Chair

Volcano Summit



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Be Radical

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Creative Director

Saúl E. Mendez

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Co-founder Volcano Capital & Summit

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Sapiens Impact

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El Cubo

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Programa Valentina

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Grupo Entero

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Dean of Economics


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Founder & Partner


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General Partner
Invariantes Fund

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Volcano Innovation Summit brings together global leaders that are shaping the future. Here are some of the speakers that participated in our previous editions.



Are you an ambitious entrepreneur with a groundbreaking Startup idea? Are you looking for an opportunity to showcase your innovation, gain valuable exposure, and secure potential funding? 

Startup Avenue is a Competition for aspiring entrepreneurs in Latin America. We aim to foster innovation, drive economic growth, and empower the next generation of Latin American startups. Our mission is to connect talented entrepreneurs with industry experts, investors, and mentors who can help turn their ideas into reality.

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Volcano4Good fosters collaboration across institutions that support communities in need to address the root challenges in Guatemala and the Central American region: education, malnutrition, mobility, and natural resources. By creating impact ecosystems for integrative wellbeing and economic development, we continue to transform lives and societies. Join us in driving progress for a brighter future.

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Get a sneak peak of last year's event


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  • About Startup Avenue
    What is Startup Avenue? Startup Avenue is an entrepreneurship and Startup competition in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala focusing on Latin American Startups. It provides an opportunity for selected startups to showcase their ideas, connect with industry experts, investors, and mentors, and compete for investment money. When and where will Startup Avenue take place? Startup Avenue will take place during the Volcano Innovation Summit on September 30, 2023, at Cerro de Santo Domingo, Antigua Guatemala, and on October 1-2, 2023, at Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua Guatemala. Who can participate in Startup Avenue? Startup Avenue is open to startups from Latin America that fall into one of the three categories: Business Idea, Seed & Early Stage and Growth & Scalability. Are there any restrictions on the industry or sector for participating startups? Startup Avenue welcomes Startups from various industries and sectors. There are no specific restrictions on the industry or sector, as long as the startup fits into one of the three defined categories and meets the eligibility criteria. Is Startup Avenue open to international Startups? Startup Avenue is open to Startups from any country in Latin America. It provides an excellent opportunity for international Startups to showcase their ideas and connect with the Latin American Startup ecosystem. What are the benefits of participating in Startup Avenue? Participating in Startup Avenue offers a range of benefits, including: Opportunity to win US$100,000 in investment money Chance to win additional cash prizes, such as US$5,000 and US$2,000.00 for Business Idea & Early Stage categories given by 500 Global. Networking opportunities with industry experts, investors, and mentors Stand position to showcase your Startup during the event Exposure and brand visibility among the entrepreneurial community Learning and growth through interactions with industry leaders and experts Investment and business development opportunities Media exposure and potential client acquisition Can I attend Startup Avenue as an observer or attendee? Volcano Summit is an event by invitation only, we just have a limited tickets sale prior to the event. Each participating Startup will receive a (1) free ticket to the whole event & 2 Tickets restricted to the first day of the event. Additional tickets will be available for purchase with a 10% discount if you are a selected Startup to be part of the competition.
  • Application
    How can I apply to participate in Startup Avenue? To participate in Startup Avenue, you need to fill out the registration form before August 11. The link for registration is Startup Avenue 2023 – Volcano Summit | Guatemala City, Guatemala | F6S Selected startups will be notified. If you participate, you will be part of the F6S community. What is it? The F6S community is the largest online network of founders and entrepreneurs. By participating in Startup Avenue, you have the opportunity to become part of this community, gaining access to its extensive network and multiple international events. This membership provides valuable exposure and connections within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Is there a cost to participate in Startup Avenue? There is no cost to participate in Startup Avenue. However, Startups are responsible for covering their own travel and accommodation expenses. Can Startups participate in Startup Avenue if they have previously received funding or investment? Yes, Startups that have previously received funding or investment can still participate in Startup Avenue. The event provides an opportunity for startups to showcase their progress, attract further investment, and form strategic partnerships. Are Startups required to have a legal entity or be registered to participate in Startup Avenue? While it is not mandatory for Startups to have a legal entity or be registered, having a clear business structure and documentation can provide credibility and facilitate potential partnerships or investment opportunities. Can I participate in Startup Avenue as an investor or venture capitalist? Startup Avenue is primarily designed for participating Startups. However, if you are an investor or venture capitalist interested in attending the event, please reach out to us through the contact information provided on our website. We can discuss potential opportunities for involvement.
  • About the Event
    Are there any benefits before the event? Yes, participating startups can enjoy pre-event benefits, including: Access to Curated Educational Material: Gain exclusive access to educational resources curated by experts in relevant Startup fields. Category-specific Workshops: Participate in specialized workshops designed for each category of Startups. Will there be opportunities to network with other Startups and industry professionals? Yes, Startup Avenue provides numerous networking opportunities. You can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, industry professionals, potential partners, and mentors throughout the event. These connections can open doors to collaboration, partnerships, and future opportunities. Will there be networking opportunities at Startup Avenue? Yes, Startup Avenue provides ample networking opportunities. You can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, industry experts, potential partners, mentors, and potential investors during the event.
  • Event Day
    Can Startup bring promotional materials or set up a booth at the event? During the first day of the event, Startups will have the chance to set up their own dedicated stand where they can display relevant information about their Startup and pitch their ideas to individual attendees. Additional information will be shared with the selected Startups. Can Startups bring promotional materials or merchandise to the event the other two days? Yes, Startups are encouraged to bring promotional materials, merchandise, and any relevant collateral to showcase their brand and offerings at their stand. This can include brochures, business cards, product samples and branded merchandise. Will there be opportunities for Startups to showcase their products or prototypes during the event? Yes, Startups will have the opportunity to showcase their products or prototypes at their stand during the event. This allows attendees to interact directly with the startup's offerings and gain a deeper understanding of their value proposition. Will there be workshops or masterclasses during the event? Yes, there will be exclusive masterclasses conducted by experts in various fields. Topics covered may include raising capital, perfecting your pitch, and more. These workshops will provide valuable insights and knowledge to enhance your entrepreneurial skills. Will there be investors or venture capitalists present at the event? Yes, there will be multiple investors, venture capitalists, and potential clients and partners present at the event, offering opportunities for startups to connect and explore potential collaborations. You can check the partners of Volcano Summit at the following link:
  • Pitch Presentation
    How long will each Startup have to pitch their idea? Each startup will have 4 minutes to pitch their idea to a panel of experienced judges and investors. This will be followed by a 3-minute question session. Are there any restrictions on the language used during pitches and presentations? Startup Avenue welcomes pitches and presentations in both English and Spanish. We strongly recommend giving it in English. It is very likely that at least one member of your judging panel would need to hear your pitch in English.
  • Travel & Accommodation
    Is accommodation provided for participants traveling to the competition? No, accommodation is not provided by the event. Participating Startups are responsible for covering their own travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Who attends Volcano Innovation Summit?
    Volcano Innovation Summit brings together individuals worldwide, including entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, executives, investors, thought-leaders and influencers, fostering cross-pollination and business opportunities on a global scale.
  • What content does Volcano Innovation Summit cover?
    Our Content Treks* include Investment, Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Inspiration, Wellness and Fintech. Prepare to immerse yourself in a dynamic environment filled with thought-provoking discussions, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities with industry leaders and innovators. *Why Content Treks instead of Tracks? Treks is our exclusive term designating the immersive content journey you will experience and symbolically “hike through” from the start to the culmination of the event.
  • When and Where is the Summit taking place?
    The Summit is taking place from August 31st to September 2nd, 2024 in Antigua Guatemala, located about an hour from Guatemala City. Antigua Guatemala served as Guatemala’s capital during the 16th century and it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It 's known for its preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture as well as being surrounded by three volcanoes: Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. Our main venue is Hotel Casa Santo Domingo. Stay tuned for more information when tickets are out for sale.
  • How do I purchase a ticket for the event?
    The event is primarily by invitation, but we reserve tickets for sale. Stay tuned for release announcements on our socials:
  • What should I bring or how should I prepare for the Summit?
    Prepare with an open mind and a readiness to challenge established paradigms. Clear your schedule of any conflicting meetings to fully engage with the content and networking opportunities available on-site. Ensure you have your Volcano Innovation Summit 2024 ticket either on your mobile device or in printed form, along with a valid ID or passport for identification purposes. For a comprehensive overview of what to expect and additional tips, make sure to keep an eye out for our Volcano Innovation Summit Attendee Guide, which will be provided to you along with your ticket. This guide will serve as your go-to resource for navigating the summit smoothly.
  • How can I become a Speaker or propose a Speaker?
    We welcome your suggestions! To be considered to speak at our 2024 edition, please fill out our Speakers Application form. To propose a high-level speaker please email your proposal to our Head of Speakers at
  • What language will sessions and materials be presented in?
    All sessions and materials are presented in English to accommodate our diverse global community. As a LATAM-focused event with a substantial presence from the region, we offer professional translation equipment on-site for stage sessions to enhance accessibility and inclusivity.
  • I’m a member of the press; can I register for a press seat?
    Yes, we allocate a limited number of press seats. Contact the Head of Communications at for press registration or media queries.
  • How can I become a Volcano Volunteer?
    Enthusiastic individuals interested in contributing to event execution can join our volunteer team. Fill out the Volunteer Application form and contact the Head of Volunteers at
  • When and how can I check out the Agenda for 2024?
    We will announce our 2024 Agenda through our socials (Linkedin and Instagram) and you will be able to access the Agenda (and start networking!) through our App*. *TBA
  • Is there a dress code during Volcano Summit?
    There's no set dress code for the event. We encourage you to unleash your creativity and embrace freedom in your clothing choices. It's all about having fun, celebrating originality, and wearing what makes you feel most comfortable. 🙌🏼
  • Is there virtual access to sessions or livestreams?
    We do not offer virtual access or livestreams at the moment. All of the sessions are live 100% on site.
  • I have a question not covered above; who can I contact?
    For any other inquiries, email us at If you feel there's a crucial question missing, let us know, and we'll add it to assist as many people as possible.


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